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E-Library Section
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E-Library Section.
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***Welcome to Don Bosco College Central Library ***

Library Services

Circulation & Book Lending
a) Two Library cards are issued to each student for 03-year validity, for Honors students 03 Library Cards & for faculty 04 Library Cards. (One Card One Book)
b) A library book issued can be retained for a period 07 days for students & 15 Days for faculty. If the user wants to retain the books beyond 07/15 days, he/she has to renew the books. A fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged for overdue per day.

Inter-Library Loan Facility
Don Bosco College Central Library offers the ILL facility to users on the basis of requests and demands can be made in person, over phone or via email with access to documents which are not available in our library. Postal and photocopying expenses/charge  shall be born and paid by the intenders/users and our library also a member of the British Council Library.

Internet Facility/ E-Library
Don Bosco College Central Library has an e-library facility to encourage blended learning of the faculty & students by subscribing online e-journals.

News Paper Clipping Services
News Paper Clipping Service will start very soon.

User Orientation Programme
User Orientation Programme will start very soon..

Photocopy Service
Users are responsible for complying with copyright act while photocopying library documents.

Don Bosco College Central Library facilitate computerized Catalogue Search Services through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Users can search and browse their particular documents through Subjects, Author, Title, and Publishers, ISBN, etc. The search facility is also available online. This service is restricted to access within university campus through the internet. The process is underway to host the Web OPAC.

Virtual Reference Service
Online reference service will offer during office hours.

Best Reader Award
Don Bosco Central Library will start the best reader award for users to motivate users to make use of the library and its services. Students will select on the basis of academic performance and after using the library. 

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