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Intellectual Output

Administrative Department

Fr. Chemparathy Jose (Rector & Administrator)

Dr. (Fr.) Jose George (Principal) Google Scholar

Fr. Rangla John (Vice Principal)

Teaching Faculty

Mr. Prafulla Rajbanshi (Dept. of Economics)

Mr. Jumi Basar (Dept. of Economics)

Ms. Mom Ampi (Dept. of Economics)

Ms. Jananko Tingwa (Dept. of Sociology)

Dr. Lalgin Chongloi (Dept. of Sociology)

Mr. Pouluanthai Samuel (Dept. of Sociology)

Sr. Fatima FMA (Dept. of Sociology)

Mr. Ayu Poupu Paul (Dept. of Pol-Sci)

Ms. Nabam Y. Martha (Dept. of Pol-Sci)

Mr. Marge Nyori (Dept. of Pol-Sci)

Mr. Luhish Lushai (Dept. of English)

Mr. Daikho Athishu (Dept. of English)

Sr. Scolastica Kerketta (Dept. of English)

Ms. Nasi Koje (Dept. of English)

Mr. Samsom Mossang (Dept. of English)
Mr . A.C. Ramnganing (Dept. of History)

Dr. Dusu Sambyo (Dept. of History)

Mr. Gaikulung Panmei (Dept. of History)

Mr. Shivumso Chikro (Dept. of History)

Ms. Dope Payum (Dept. of History)

Ms. Koj Nani (Dept. of History)

Dr. Raju Goyary (Dept. of Commerce)

Ms. Laxmi Rai (Dept. of Commerce)

Ms. Jamine Kimsing (Dept. of Commerce)

Ms. Chello Lima (Dept. of Commerce)

Dr. Namsi (Dept. of Pol-Sci)

Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma (Dept. of Commerce)

Mr. Telesphore Topno (Department of BSW)

Mr. Ravi (Dept. of Commerce) Google Scholar

Mr. Francis Hasdak (Department of BSW)
 Library Staff

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